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  • Completed:

    • 2017
    • Q3 2017:

      Pre-development: Engineered coin emission and allocations to miners, masternodes, and the treasury, along with other fundamental designs.

      Development began in July 2017.

    • Q4 2017

      Implemented EnergiHash (ASIC-resistant hashing algorithm).

      Implemented Treasury and Backbone systems.

    • 2018
    • Q1 2018:

      Testnet and Block Explorer went online.

      Optimized and improved numerous technical and economic aspects of Energi.

    • Q2 2018:

      Implemented our masternodes and governance systems.

      Energi 1.0 Mainnet launched on April 14, 2018!

    • Q3 2018:

      Masternodes went live. Masternode rewards began on September 18th, approximately 5 months after launch to ensure fair distribution and giving community members plenty of time to accumulate NRG.

      Earndrop Round 1 completed. Over 1 million NRG distributed.

    • Q4 2018:

      Optimized GPU miner and mining pool software.

      Earndrop Rounds 2 and 3 kicked off.

      Energi Gen 3 began development.

    • 2019
    • Q1 2019:

      Energi Gen 2 completed with the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.

      Launched the Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI), which has protected our community from hackers/scammers and prevented losses of over a million NRG to date due.

    • Q2 2019:

      Energi Impact is launched, the world’s first self-funding charity funded by our cryptocurrency.

    • Q3 2019:

      Expanded marketing efforts to increase awareness about Energi and broaden the community.

      Energi Gen 3 began public testing, featuring major additions to Energi's technical capabilities and paving the way for Energi DeFi.

    • Q4 2019:

    • 2020
    • Q1 2020:

      Energi Gen 3 is released, upgrading our blockchain to a smart-contract platform adapted from Ethereum. This major update enables virtually all of Ethereum’s capabilities while incorporating our treasury, masternodes, and governance systems, all-in-one.

    • Q2 2020:

      Our talented global team grows to over 60 people in less than two years.

    • Q3 2020:

      Energi begins work on Energiswap, Energi's first move into DeFi with our decentralized exchange.

      Energi begins work on synthetic assets (similar to the Synthetix project, but built on Energi). This will allow synthetic assets to be created from Energi’s locked up NRG collateral. Combined with Energiswap, this will be a major demand-driver for NRG.

      Energi Arcade is released! Energi Arcade is the new and improved version of the former “Energi Rainbot.” It’s designed for community members to build their stash of NRG while having fun hanging out in our Discord channel.

      Energi Impact continues to build and expand our education platform and continuing humanitarian and environmental efforts. We also planted over 5,000 trees through our reforestation campaign.

    • Q4 2020:

    • 2021
    • Q1 2021:

      Energiswap is launched! Energiswap is our Uniswap protocol port backed by Energi's on-chain governance, user protections, 24/7 support and stability of the Energi blockchain.

    • Q3 2021:

      Energi Bridge has been released, which connects the Energi and Ethereum blockchains. This allows users to bridge assets from one chain to the other, providing a significant new on-ramp to the Energi Ecosystem and Energiswap.

  • We are here:

    • 2021
    • Q4 2021:

      Tentative launch time frame for liquidity farming on Energiswap, which will enable users to mine rewards by providing liquidity to pools on the exchange.

    • 2022
    • Q1 2022:

      Tentative launch time frame for referral program on Energiswap, enabling users to earn rewards for referring other users to Energiswap.

    • Q2 2022:

      Tentative launch time frame for Energi NFT marketplace. We seek to become a dominant NFT platform in the crypto space.

    • Q4 2022:

      Tentative launch time frame for Energi Synthetic Assets. Energi Synthetic Assets will allow a variety of synthetic cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and other in-demand assets such as gold and silver to be traded.

      Tentative time frame for the Energi Masternode network upgrade enabling instant transactions. This will result in confirmations on Energi happening within seconds, making Energi one the fastest cryptocurrencies in the space while retaining a highly decentralized blockchain with thousands of nodes.

    • And Beyond:

      Energi will continue expanding our DeFi ecosystem, including lending, derivatives, and other high-demand applications.

      In the coming years, Energi seeks to retain thousands of full-time contributors and function as a powerful global organization unlike anything seen in the cryptocurrency space.

* All future launch/release dates are subject to change